Industry: Saas (Software as Service)

Founded: 2018

Efficient. Geospatially-smart. Automated Calculations. Works offline. Ridiculously easy to use.

Environmental consultants are plagued by busy work as they make decisions that inform land use. The Ecobot wetland delineation app eliminates complexity and enables greater scientific accuracy. Unlike paper field notes, desktop software or other mobile apps, Ecobot helps our customers spend more time being scientists, and the companies they work for be more profitable.

Key features include:

  • Works 100% offline - internet required only to sign-in; to auto-generate the PDF
  • Projects customized by USACE region
  • Automated vegetation 50/20 dominance calculations
  • Automated vegetation worksheet calculations
  • Auto-sorts vegetation by % cover
  • Built-in hydrology and Soil indicator reference text and imagery
  • Instant USACE PDF generation
  • Amazon AWS Cloud for security, speed, and stability
  • Collaborate with project managers via the editable web-based Dashboard
  • Esri integration; Create wetland polygons inside of Ecobot​

The Ecobot app is free to download from the Apple App Store but only Ecobot customers can sign in, view reference information, enter data, and to generate reports. 

Ecobot is an Esri Emerging Business Partner.
​Ecobot is a Trimble Partner.